The Throwback Thursday Idea Series

“What should I post for #ThrowbackThursday?”

As you know, we at Hashtag Hostess love to provide ideas for your #ThrowbackThursday posts that help enhance your Social Media Marketing, as many companies struggle in participating in the trending hashtag while still staying professional.

We are huge fans of staying genuine and human online, which means it’s okay to provide a little insight to your “behind the scenes.”

This week, I want to challenge you to dig into those old articles that you or someone may have written about your company. Even an exciting press release from 6 months ago will get the job done. Provide a link to this article using the hashtags #ThrowbackThursday and #tbt in order to show yourself off a little bit, and re-jog memories or re-share with people who may not even be aware of your accomplishments!

Please feel free to tag us in your posts using @HashtagHostess or #HashtagHostess so that we may see your handiwork!

Have fun, don’t overthink it, and remember, stay social!