Social Media Marketing Orange County

Daily Updates to Social Platforms:

We take great pride in creating tailored content for each client on a daily basis. Based in our Orange County headquarters, your social media marketing consultant will ensure that content is produced for each social platform every day. Each post is created with care for a strategic purpose.

Social media marketing is all about creating expectations with your audience. We post daily to build expectations with your audience and to build a personal relationship with them. Our social media marketing may be based in Orange County, but we have helped businesses across the country produce polished content and social media strategies that engage their audience on a new level. We post with purpose and aim to hit strategic objectives.

Expert Tip: Posting frequently is essential, but what you post can make all the difference. Be strategic and purposeful.

Social Media Monitoring/Management:

Your social media marketing consultant monitors each of your platform pages for any indicators of trends/spikes in views or engagement.

Ever stop and think about your social media habits? What time of day you tend to check social media? What days or times do you most frequently post on?

In most cases, the answer is no. Most businesses do not take these questions into consideration. We see case after case of businesses that post at sporadic times or whenever they have a free moment to post (let’s face it, most of us are very busy). That is why we do it for you! Hashtag Hostess will soak up all the data we can from monitoring your social media pages and ensure that posts are being done at optimal times for engagement.

Expert Tip: Knowledge is power. The more data you collect on your page or audience, the more you can tailor your strategy/management.

Social Media Engagement Marketing:

Have you ever commented on another business’ social media page/profile and not received a reply? Sadly, that is the case most of the time. It makes your business come across as cold and corporate. People like to work with and buy from other people. That is why we make sure that we respond personally to each comment or message that comes into your social page.

Our social media marketing consultants in Orange County work to build a personal connection between your audience and you. Studies show that consumers are most likely to purchase or speak highly of businesses that they feel an emotional connection to. That is what we try to accomplish. We leverage your social media to bring your business to a personal level with your consumers.

Expert Tip: Do not treat social media like a press release. The keyword here is “social.” This is your chance to form a personal connection to your audience. Social media is less formal. Use an emoji from time to time!

Social Media Monthly Reports:

Every month you will receive a report from us detailing the activities we did for you that month and how each social media platform page is performing. In addition, our report will outline the social media marketing strategy we have planned for the following month.

We think reports are beneficial for a couple of reasons: 1) They hold us accountable and 2) They help you see the value that your business is getting from our service. Knowledge is power. If we show you how well your social media marketing campaign is doing, that gives you the knowledge to make educated decisions.

Expert Tip: Keep track of the progress. Its hard to see the incremental change if you look at the day to day numbers, but when you compare month 1 numbers to the results 6 months later, that will be something to celebrate!

We also offer weekly blogging, LinkedIn articles and Yelp review response etiquette advice for our clients.


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