The Throwback Thursday Idea Series

#ThrowbackThursday – Best 10 Throwback Thursday Ideas

Throwback Thursday or #TBT is one of the top social media trends that has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere. Every Thursday (because we always recommend consistency with social media posting) you post an image from the past. This image can be a week old, a month old or several years old.

Throwback Thursday is used for personal profiles all the time, but businesses can jump in on the fun too. Social media marketing is about bringing personality to your business so that consumers can form an emotional connection to you, your company and your product or service. What better way to connect with people on a personal level than to show them your wonderful memories or evolution as a business?

So, here we go with the best 10 Throwback Thursday Ideas for both personal use and businesses!

  1. An event you hosted
  2. First business cards OR the evolution of your business cards over the years
  3. Childhood photos of employees or yourself
  4. The time you met someone famous
  5. Old office equipment or technology that is obsolete (fax, old phone, computer or printer)
  6. A trip you took with friends or family
  7. First Logo or drafts of your logo being developed
  8. Awards
  9. First headshot
  10. First Office or home office (show the evolution of the business)

Again, the point is to humanize yourself. Whether you are posting as an individual or a corporation, social media is meant to be social and personal. The most success in social media marketing is seen from profiles that connect on that personal level. These 10 Throwback Thursday Ideas will help you bring personality to your social media. Show your followers the man (or woman) behind the curtain. People buy from people. I promise you that making your social media fun, engaging and personal will make your social media marketing success so much greater.

Bonus Tip: Ask questions in your #TBT posts or use captions to spark engagement. Comments will keep your followers interested in you and/or your company. And, make sure to reply to their comments… even if its just a thank you!

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