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Angele Black | Founder, CEO

Many people ask me, “how can you be passionate about Social Media?” The answer is simple: it’s not that I’m necessarily passionate about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as they are, it’s that I’m passionate about helping others succeed in business. The fact that I love using Social Media to do so is just a bonus.

When I started this company in early 2014, I was working part-time at the Happiest Place on Earth, and interacting face to face with literally thousands of people a day. I loved my job, but day after day I went home with smile aches in my cheeks, and realized I was building up another company for a paycheck, when I could be putting my efforts in to building my own legacy for myself, my family, and my community. I loved the people aspect of my job, so I came to the conclusion of: how else can you interact with thousands of people day? Well…. online, of course!

At 27 years old, and with the help of great mentors, I built this company from the ground up, with the intent of helping struggling business owners in an area they hated most….Social Media. Fast forward to today, and Hashtag Hostess (based in Orange County) is servicing companies across the U.S., specializing in Daily Updates, Monitoring, Management, Engagement, and more, in order to help companies thrive in an ever-expanding digital age. I started this to not only build an empire, but to create jobs across a struggling nation. Nothing gives me more joy than knowing I’m not just working, but I’m helping businesses and Americans thrive.